We are brothers, we are wedding film makers

Who we are
Two brothers, Lucio and Mikael, and together with our staff of professionals, photographers and film makers, we are specialized in weddings and events filming all over the world.

How we work
We love to have a familiar and intimate approach with our couples. We always try to understand the needs and the expectations, treating the spouses and the people involved with the utmost respect. We believe that our main task is to capture beauty and emotions in an authentic and honest way, while remaining professional and discreet, driven by our creativity. This is our guarantee of a high level style for your wedding film and photographs.

Our style
Reportage, but not intended as in a common way … We build a real “story telling” that speaks about the essence of one of the most important day of your life. This path in the construction of the story starts before the wedding, when we meet you or your wedding planner even at distance. For us it is necessary to understand the wishes and the life story of the spouses in order to be able to tell it perfectly. Even for the church, the location, and all the details, we will make sure to know everything beforehand; as well as studying a suggestive place for “outdoor” shooting.

Our method
We film and edit in the most realistic way that is possible, with a cinematic approach. Definitely an artistic reading, exciting and engaging, but not intrusive, because on that day you have to feel free to live and fully enjoy every moment without old-fashioned “posed”.

Who chooses us
Those who pay particular attention to indelible memories, written in an artistic way and not as in a commentary, without the presence of bulky figures that request all the attention of the spouses and guests.

We attend you throughout the day and we follow you to be able to “talk about you” with our work, but not by conditioning your day.

We are chosen by those who want a team of film makers and photographers able to tell to tell the true an unrepeatable day.

Lucio & Mikael D’Alessandro
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