Services details and standard cost summary

Wedding Cine Film

• One day service
• Film shooting with professional cinema equipment (moving camera + fixed camera + drone + microphones + lights + stabilizers)
• Two videomakers fully equipped for the wedding day
• Film directed and edited by a professional film editor

What we deliver?
• 1 Film “long version” that will tells all the event
• 1 Film “short version” with the most exciting moments of the day
• Personalized usb key (where to store the films)

• 3.500 € (+ italian VAT + travel costs)


Custom service

Do you want specific service features?

• We can move all over the world
• We can compose a wider videomakers group if you event needs more
• We can exentend the shooting service from one day to more
• We can edit the film with according to you requests
• We are to satisfy all your needs